Tirupati Balaji is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh. This temple is known for one of the richest & most visited temples in the world.
As we arrived in Tirupati, we were mesmerized by the vibrant and peaceful and the sense of devotion that permeated the air. The temple is situated in the hills of Tirumala which are part of Seshachalam Hills range. The road to the temple passes through these seven hills and the green surrounding.

Darshan Experience:
The darshan of the deity Lord Venkateshwara was a truly humbling & magcial experience. As we enter the premises, we could see the intricate carvings and sculptures on the temple walls, the sound of ringing bells, the site of thousands of devotees chanting the name of Lord.
The Divine Encounter:

When we enter the sanctum, we get to see the deity adorned with jewels & flowers. the priest chanting holy mantras, aroma of incense filled the air, creates a sense of divinity. Time seemed to stand still as I gazed upon the divine form, offering my prayers and heartfelt gratitude. Truly awe-spiring….

After darshan, we went to taste Laddu Prasadam (blessed offerings), famously known as Tirupati Laddu. These laddus are made with traditional ingredients and have a unique taste that cannot be found elsewhere.

Tirupati is also known for the head shaving ritual of “tonsuring” or “Mundan” which is a significant aspect of the pilgrimage. Devotees as a sign of surrender and devotion offer their hair to the deity.

Exploring Tirumala:
Apart from the main temple there are various smaller temples inside the complex that are equally worth visiting.
Tirupati also offers a range of activities for tourists.
One of the tourist places is Sri Venkateswara National Park which is at a distance of 45min from the temple. This park is home to variety of wildlife including tiger, leopard, civet, and many more. There are more than hundred species of birds found here like kingfisher, woodpecker, Indian roller, etc.
Highest waterfall of Andhra Pradesh,’Talakona Falls’ is located in this national park. For nature lover this is a must visit place.
Another popular place tourists can visit near temple is Chandragiri Fort. This fort was built in 11th century and was under the rule of vijayanagara for three centuries. It also has a museum inside that showcases various sculptures and artifacts from vijayanagara dynasty.
Apart from these there are various places like srikalahasti, Kalyani dam, deer park, etc.
The experience had left an indelible mark. I hope my journey inspires others to embark on their own pilgrimage to Tirupati Balaji and enjoy the nature & culture of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Tirumala Hills
    Tirumala HillsTirumala Hills
    Tirumala Hills