About Traveltage:

Traveltage platform is designed for users to post content and blogs on various topics related to travel and tourism.

From local tourist places to world heritage sites, from small villages to offbeat towns, from diverse wildlife to endangered species, from rich culture to vibrant festivals, this platform has it all.

Traveltage offers a wide range of categories, including Heritage sites, Forts, Beaches, nature, flora and fauna, and more. Users can share information and their unique travel experiences, along with images, to guide and encourage others to plan their own trips and to spread awareness about lesser-known places.

Our aims and objectives:

One of the main objectives of this platform is to promote and showcase the beauty and diversity of India to the world. Also, by promoting eco-tourism activities, we aim to promote sustainable and responsible tourism and serve as a platform for conservation efforts.

So, whether you are a seasoned traveller or just an e-traveller, this forum is the ideal place for you.


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