Haatlai Devi temple

If you are looking for a peaceful escape close to Dharashiv city, Haatlai temple is the perfect place for a one-day trip. This temple is located in the Balaghat mountain range and surrounded by lush forests, making it a perfect retreat during the monsoon.

The road to this temple passes through a beautiful forest, thus making for a refreshing journey. When you arrive, you’ll find the temple nestled in the greenery, with the rain adding to the beauty of the surroundings.

This temple is not just a religious spot but also a popular place for locals to go for walks and exercise. An open gym has been built here. You can workout in nature with the soothing sound of birds. Drinking water is also available here.

Over time, it has also become a favourite place for tourists. The temple has a trekking track that lets you explore the hills around it. There’s also a ‘Buruj’ (tower) where you can get a great view of Dharashiv City, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Getting to the top of the temple is an adventure in itself. You can either take a 1.5 km trek up the steps or drive up. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of the area, especially during the rainy season.

This area is developed by the Forest Department of Dharashiv.


Dharashiv caves

Another place for a one-day trip is Dharashiv Caves. These ancient caves are also located in the Balaghat mountain range, about 5 km from the Dharashiv bus stand and 15 minutes from Haatlai Devi temple. You can easily reach by auto or private vehicle.

There are 7 Jain caves, earlier buddhist caves. These caves were once part of ancient trade routes. Even today, you can see places where traders used to keep their goods. In ancient times, these caves were used for meditation and as a resting place for travellers. Near the caves, there’s an 18th-century temple.
This place has now become a popular spot for locals who love photography.
Travellers can take an autorickshaw or drive their own vehicles to reach this historic site.

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