About Siddharameshwara

Sidheshwar Temple, one of the iconic landmarks of Solapur city. This temple is dedicated to Sri Siddheshwara, a saint of 12th century. Siddheshwar (Siddharameshwara) was a great contributor to Lingayatism religion and he is considered as one of the five prophets of Lingayat sect. He preached the teachings of Sri Basaveshwara.

Siddheshwar Fare (also known as Gadda Yatra)

Legend has it that inspired by the teachings of Sri Siddheshwara, a potter girl wanted to marry him. Siddharama being a brahmachari denied to marry her and gave a permission to marry his Yogadanda means Yoga stick. The same marriage function is celebrated in this yatra every year in the month of January.

Highlights of the Yatra

One of the prominent celebrations during this yatra commemorates this wedding, where the decorated bamboo poles or sticks (These bamboo sticks are locally called Nandidhvaj) are presumed to be the bridge and groom and taken out in a procession. Rituals like Tailabhishek, Akshata, Hom and Fireworks are also performed here.  

Significance of this festival

This festival falls around 14th January every year and is celebrated for 15 days, ie from Full moon till the Amavasya (New moon) in month of January.

Lakhs of devotees from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka visit this Gadda Yatra every year. The Gadda Yatra is a social gathering which creates communal harmony within the society bringing together people from all religions.

The Siddheshwar Yatra is not just a religious event; it is a cultural phenomenon that brings people together in a shared celebration of faith and devotion.

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